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When we got back to our house I rounded up a few drinks and took out some smoke that I’d save for a special occasion while my wife and the guys chatted.I joined them in the living room with the drinks and smoke and we were soon feeling no pain.She loved Tom and very much wanted to please him, but she had never shared her body with another since their wedding and worried about the consequences for their marriage.Yet, after much discussion and mutual reassurances, both Hope and Tom had begun to feel an unequaled sense of anticipation…of excitement.Before I start, I think I should give a brief description of my wife, Julie.She’s 26, stands a slim 5’3″ 105lbs with flaming long red hair (a true redhead I might add), blue eyes, and a set of pouting red-lips made for cock sucking.The agreement was that Hope would meet John on the ground level of the apartment building at the elevator bank.They would rise together in the elevator to Hope and Tom’s apartment on the eighth floor.

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I whispered to the guys that I had a plan if they were game.

I was seated on couch next to my wife, and Alex was sitting on the her right.

Mark was in the love seat with his feet kick up on our coffee table and toking on the second joint.

Alex gave me a nod and Mark just gave me a devilish smile.

I told the guys to wait in the living room while I ‘prepare’ the wife for bed.

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